Spilt Coffee

Please spill your coffee again.  Let’s build one more fort.  I promise the Stanley Cup finals will be forever.  There will be bottomless whiskey lemonades.  You will never have to take your adderal.  And there will be sharp cheddar and tricsuits for everyone.

It’s not that early in the morning and we are out on the deck with our coffee.  Albie also comes out with us and of course she wants to be next to her mom.  You reach down and pick her up and that’s when this all happened.  The coffee spilled everywhere.  I nearly caught the falling mug but frankly, it was too early in the morning for my reaction.  There was a solid layer of coffee covering the screen of your phone and you were not even mad…

You didn’t even care….

No,  it was like you didn’t even notice.

It was so surprising and so pleasant how you reacted to this situation but in retrospect, I’m really not surprised at all.

In that moment,  some funny voice manifested and you pulled the dog closer to you.  I was the one to care about the phone and pick up the mug because that is what a normal person would care about.

There was not even a hint of anger or worry in your expression whatsoever!  You didn’t even care!  This blew my mind..

Never have I ever met anyone who’s mind thinks and operates the way yours does.  It is such a joy and such a pleasure to be around.  A breath of fresh air. The things you say, the way you laugh at me, the strange accents you do, what a relief.  It’s a good thing, such a good thing.

I thought of this randomly as my Dad spilled his water all over the counter the other day.  Such a panic he was in and how close the water was to his precious laptop.  It was so funny to compare the two incidents and how each human reacted to them.

I will take your reaction any day of the week.  So let’s build just one more fort.


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